Friday, December 3, 2010

It's December 3rd!!!

Hey guys!
Woah December 3rd already?!!
Hows your holidays going everyone?!!
I'm just sitting in bed, cozy warm.. It's sooo cold outside.. It's going to snow this morning i think.. I'm going to get to bed now.. Watched a movie & now in my bed.. Got my eos lip balm on my lips & mmm it's delicious cozy!
Stocked up for the winter it's a amazing brand!
Love them!
Might have some maple spice or cinnamon oatmeal & then go to bed.
Going to organize my room today & try and get some reviews up in the next couple of days.
So keep your eyes out for that.
I'll make a tweet about it when I post a new blog. Talk to you soon..
Luv yah!

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