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SOFTLIPS (CANADA) - Products Line - Organic, & Nourish

Happy Holidays Everybody!
I am so EXCITED over this post!
This is a review on The WICKED BRAND:
SoftLips (Canada Line)

I'll be reviewing:
Their Organic Line
& Their Nourish Line.

The flavors are:
Acai Berry
Chai Latte

Key Ingredients:
Coconut oil
Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Vitamin E

Cool Peppermint,
Moist Bergamot 
Fresh Lavender

Key Ingredients:
Shea Butter Oil
Vitamin E
Macadamia Nut Oil

The Review:
I absolutely LOVE the brand Softlips!
I have been using them for years and actually still have my very first softlips lip product saved!
I Love everything about the brand, their lip products are amazing and so gorgeous on my lips & VERY mousturizing and smell super yummy but not overpowering! 
They have nice ingredients and are not filled with not necessary things like other brands or beauty products.
Softlips brand are Cruelty free & gluten & yeast free!
I think thats super nice for a beauty brand to be cruelty free, since i love animals so much, and when shopping for beauty supplies i try to always search for the best healthy option!
I love that they are a very inexpensive product, everyone can afford them, and i have been LOVING giving out Softlips products for the holiday's & birthdays!
I have got many people addicted to SOFTLIPS Products! =)
I get asked all the time "how do you keep your lips so nice and moisturized?"
the answer is simply using Softlips products!
My favorites from the brand are the Organic "Acai Berry", & "Papaya" & The Sweet "Ravishing Raspberry" those are SO delicious!
Softlips products are very moisturizing and smell delicious!
I love that their are so many flavors and different kinds to choose from like, They have a organic line, a SPF line, and some glosses, lip conditioners, & the nourish lip balms!
So this holidays you can find a lip product for everyone on your list!
They are a great little addition to a gift, they will love it!
I love the Organics Line more than the Nourish line,
The organics line were extremely moisturizing and most scents were lovely!
The Nourish line i didn't find them to be as moisturizing for me.
and i just liked the Organics ones better. Also because I really like finding a lip product thats Organic!
Also the Organics Names were really picked out nice.
Acai Berry
Chai Latte
Don't they sound so amazing?!!
The Nourish products were still nice but i found the Organics line to have better quality & scents.

I love wearing The Organics line all the time!
They last hours long on your lips and i find myself loving to put them on all the time!
Morning, Noon, & Night!
When I'm ready to go out, when I'm shopping, and when i come home!

The only things i didn't like from this brand was a couple of scents were just not me, they still did the job but i didn't like the scent.
Those were: Organics Chai Latte, & Peppermint. Chai Latte sounded so amazing, i couldn't wait to try it, i thought it would have been a real favorite of mine, but i was really disappointed when i tried it, the scent did not smell like "Chai Latte"
it smelled like Plastic/Rubber.
And the Peppermint scent had a little peppermint scent but added with that same Plastic/Rubber smell.
I don't like to taste that on my lips.

& I don't like the new packaging! 
The Softlips Organics & Nourish don't show the scent name on the each Softlips tube!
That i so annoying, because Im a big collector of their products, I like to see what is the flavor I'm putting on, and now i have to open each cap & smell each one to find the scent Im looking for!
I really hope they change that soon! =)

Even that i didn't like 2 flavors i still love this brand & some products from them ALOT.
I hope they change the packaging again soon, so all the products show the scents on the actual tube!
The nourish ones are different colors for the packaging which makes it nice but the Organics ones all look the exact same!

I say SoftLips is a amazing brand and i would recommend Softlips to everyone!
I cannot wait to try more products from Softlips soon!

My Pictures of the Products below:

This is my Papaya One i bought a while ago and i liked the design on the tube WAY more!
It actually showed the Scent name! Which i really liked!

and this is the new packaging:

I hope you enjoyed this review and i know i love wearing Softlips products and hope you do too! =)

FTC Disclaimer:
Softlips Canada sent me their line of Organic & Nourish lip products,
All opinions are my own.


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