Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dr. Lucy's - Cookies Ginger Snap/Chocolate Cookies/Maple Bliss/- Gluten-Free/Allergy-Friendly Vegan Cookies - Made By Dr Lucy Gibney

Hey Lovelies.
Always in the search for good cookies, I recently tried some by a brand called "Dr. Lucy's".
The Story: 
When Dr. Lucy Gibney learned her child had severe food allergies, 
she got down to some serious medical research—in the kitchen. 
Today, every crispy, crunchy Lucy’s cookie is gluten free and 
baked with no dairy, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts. 
But you’d never know it. They taste delicious! 

I liked the sound of these, also loved the colorful and very detailed product packaging!
The Ginger Snap, Chocolate Cookies & Maple Bliss are their three new flavors.

Gluten Free
No Peanuts, No Tree Nuts
Dedicated Bakery
Ingredients Tested
Og Trans Fat
Omg Cholesterol
All Natural

All three were delicious, and had a nice crunch.
It was refreshing to to eat a wholesome cookie that doesn't have any bad ingredients.
I would love to see them also make a Soy Free Cookie too!
Looking forward to trying the remaining 4 flavors from their collection soon..

You can find Lucy's products in 6,000+ stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Singapore...and we're still expanding!

FTC: Product Provided by Dr. Lucy's.


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