Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Veronicas Are Back! Read The Details On Their New Upcoming Releases!

The Veronicas ARE BACK!
With a new album set for release in the Fall September/October and a new single on July 27th.
The album is titled "Life On Mars". & First single will be "Lolita".
I like the new album concept..
I sense the new music will be a lot more darker/rock and sexy from their past rock/electro-pop sound.
I'm really looking forward to hearing some new music from the girls, it's been almost 5 years since their last album "Hook Me Up".
I'm happy to see all the success the girls had on their music debuting in Canada/USA.
I can happily say that over the years I talked/emailed my local radio stations ever since day #1 of The Veronicas first album "The Secret Life of...".
Those two album are in my top favorite albums collection.
I was not going to sit and let Canada/USA not know about their talent/fun music.
So be sure to watch SimiSodaPop for all the latest on The Veronicas!

Until then, you can check out their Life On Mars Album Photoshoot , a Teaser of "Lolita" & a song they performed last year which is rumored to be on the upcoming album titled "Dead Cool":

Check out their links at:

Warner Bros Records/Sire records



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