Friday, July 27, 2012

The Veronicas Are Back With A New Single "Lolita"

Finally it's the 27th!
Been waiting for the Official release day of The Veronicas new single "Lolita".
The girls are back with a new single, a new album, and a fresh maturity after taking time out from the world.
For nearly two years, Lisa & Jess have been hard at work on their third album, due out September/October, titled Life on Mars.
I feel this strong-fun-electropop sound song will be a BIG HIT! I'm loving it's stronger/edgy lyrics, will be sure to get stuck in your head all day. :)
Check out "Lolita" out today (official lyric video released). Also get a sneak peek of their new music clip below:

Also check it out on iTunes.


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