Monday, November 26, 2012

Books With Simi (Review) - "Fresh & Healthy DASH Diet" By Andrea Lynn

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Good afternoon and welcome to Books With Simi.. today's review will be on the book released August 2012, titled "Fresh & Healthy DASH Diet" By Andrea Lynn.

101 Delicious Recipes for Lowering Blood Pressure, Losing Weight and Feeling Great
The first full-color collection of tasty recipes for America’s hottest diet — DASH
Originally developed by the National Institutes of Health, the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet’s simple, amazingly effective approach has taken America by storm. This volume of nourishing, beautifully photographed recipes makes sticking to the program easier than ever. There are mouth-watering ideas for every meal—including dessert. From roasted tomato bruschetta, celery root puree, and cilantro brown rice to twice-baked sweet potatoes, braised chipotle turkey, and frozen pineapple pops, this book shows that DASH diet followers don’t have to give up good eating to get great results. Focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and disease-fighting antioxidants, every recipe is satisfying, full of flavor, and DASH-diet compliant. Each dish has been fully evaluated by a dietician and comes with complete nutritional information to help readers plan meals. With easy, step-by-step instructions and helpful cooking tips, this book is an indispensable source of inspiration for getting the most from this fantastic new nutritional program.

Paperback with 166 pages.
This book has everything you need to know how to create fabulous healthy dishes!
My favorite recipe from it is "Angel Hair with Tomatoes and Chickpeas".
I give this book my SimiSodaPop Stamp Of Approval!

So be sure to check out this book at your local bookstore or online below at..

Book Provided By Ulysses Press.


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