Thursday, June 6, 2013

Books With Simi (Review) - "Slow Cooker Desserts" By Jonnie Downing

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Good afternoon and welcome to Books With Simi.. today's review will be on the book released December 2012, titled "Slow Cooker Desserts" By Jonnie Downing.

Hot, Easy, and Delicious Custards, Cobblers, Souffles, Pies, Cakes, and More
The first cookbook that shows how to use the slow cooker for making hassle-free, hot desserts at home

With the hectic pace of modern life, it’s easy to see why slow cookers are so popular! Now, Slow Cooker Desserts teaches readers how to apply this convenient method to sweet treats that top off any dinner with style. Home chefs learn easy ways to include a hot dessert in any dinner plan. Simply prepare one of the delicious recipes in Slow Cooker Desserts, set it, forget it, and let the magic happen while enjoying dinner. No more rushing away from the table to get dessert in the oven. These easy-to-follow recipes include scrumptious favorites, from chocolate lava cake and French vanilla custard to cheesecake and rum-infused bread pudding. For lighter alternatives there are fruit favorites such as tropical pineapple crisp, apple brown Betty, and simmered pears served à la mode. In addition, Slow Cooker Desserts has numerous recipes for jams, marmalades, and compotes to liven up any occasion.

Paperback with 160 pages.
I love all the assortment of types of desserts!
My favorite recipe from it is "Lemon Rice Pudding With Cardamom".
I give this book my SimiSodaPop Stamp Of Approval!

So be sure to check out this book at your local bookstore or online below at..

Book Provided By Ulysses Press.


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