Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sony Music Entertainment: Pistol Annies' Releases Second Album "Annie Up"

This 2013 release, the second album from this Country trio consisting of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley. The three girls have all adopted nicknames of their own: Lone Star Annie for Texan Lambert, Hippie Annie for Monroe, and Holler Annie for Presley (a nod to her Eastern Kentucky roots). They're all women of the South, but as Monroe points out, they each bring different musical influences to the table: classic Tennessee country (a la Dolly Parton) from Monroe; bluegrass from Kentucky girl Presley (daughter of a third-generation coal miner); and hard-edged, outlaw honky-tonk (from Waylon to Merle) from Lambert, who cut her teeth playing the rowdy bar and festival circuit in Texas long before finding fame in the mainstream. But it all blends together in the Pistol Annies' original music as seamlessly as their voices.

A great new album, was released on May 7th.
Love the ladies voices, all complement each other well.

The Track listing for Annie Up is:
1. I Feel A Sin Comin' On
2. Hush Hush
3. Being Pretty Ain't Pretty
4. Unhappily Married
5. Loved By A Workin' Manlisten
6. Blues, You're A Buzzkill
7. Don't Talk About Him, Tina
8. Trading One Heartbreak For Another
9. Dear Sobriety
10. Damn Thing
11. Girls Like Us
12. Hope You're The End Of My Story

You can check out Pistol Annies on their links below:

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