Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Health Minute: Nature's Path - Whole O's Cereal (Gluten Free/Low Fat)

Hey Everyone.
I picked these up on a recent shopping trip.
Here is a Cereal called Whole O's from Nature's Path.
It's Gluten Free and Low Fat.
Been on the hunt for a new cereal to love and this makes the cut!
I like to always have a couple of cereals to go back and forth from, it's nice to switch it up every couple weeks.
This is a good cereal that you can add things to, such as fruit and cinnamon.
It's a light crunch (gets soft in the milk fast), it has a light rice/corn flavor, with a touch of sweetness from the pomegranate juice concentrate.
Very few ingredients, which I always love to see.
Children will even like this cereal as a snack without the milk!

It describes itself as (from
Whole O’s™ Cereal
3g Fibre
14g Whole Grains
2g Protein
Gluten Free
Low Fat
Per 30g serving
Just the thing for the whole-grain-loving, gluten-avoiding O connoisseur—or any O connoisseur really. Full of organic corn and whole grain rice, it's crunchy and delicious, one pleasingly plump vowel at a time. Try some with milk, its various alternatives, or straight out of the box.

You can check out Nature's Path on their links below:


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