Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mrs Crimbles Coconut Macaroons - Deliciously Gluten Free

Hey My Lovely Readers.
I picked these up on a recent shopping trip.
Check out these Coconut Macaroons by a brand called Mrs Crimbles.
They have collections of Cakes and Biscuits, Home Bake Mixes, Snacks Sweet and Savoury.
Nice simple and sweet packaging.
Nice sweet (but not overpowering) and yummy Coconut, in this well baked (like the browned look) moist Macaroon.
Good texture, pretty tasty for a packaged Macaroon.
These Coconut Macaroons do contain egg, so it's not vegan friendly but since I have many friends and family who are not vegan these work as a perfect treat to serve at parties and gatherings.

It describes itself as (from
Coconut Macaroons
Traditional Coconut Macaroons, brimming with coconut with a lovely moist texture. Tastes just like your mother used to make.

This product is suitable for those following a strict coeliac diet and are listed in the coeliac society directory.

Contains: Eggs.

You can check out Mrs Crimbles on their links below:


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