Saturday, February 14, 2015

PUPA Milano - SPORTY CHIC - VAMP! Maxi Style Liner Maxi Size Marker Eyeliner in "001 True Black" - Spring 2015 Collection - Limited Edition

Hey Dolls.
Here I bring to you the next of a few products I've tried from the PUPA Milano SPORTY CHIC, Spring 2015 Collection that is Limited Edition.
I love the concept and design for this Spring Collection, it looks so fun, workout-sporty-chic!

This is the VAMP! Maxi Style Liner, Maxi Size Marker Eyeliner in color 001 True Black.
I usually use thin eyeliners to create my daily makeup look, but sometimes for bolder looks you want to create a thicker line, you may think this thick eyeliner would only achieve bold looks but what it does is it can create both either thick or thin!
With it's SUPER bold black color, it glides on like a marker.
This eyeliner is great for long-wear!
A fun face about this product it's Paraben Free!

Maxi Size Marker Eyeliner 

Looking for celebrity eyes in just few seconds? VAMP! Maxi Stylo Liner defines your gaze with an absolute-black line.
The special slanted tip allows you to draw either thin and very precise lines, for an intense and defined effect, or thick and strong ones for a dramatic graphic look.  
Low risk of allergies. Ophthalmologist tested. Paraben Free.

001 True Black 

It describes itself as (from
From street-style to fashion catwalks, here is the SPORTY CHIC craze, that mixes and matches elegant, chic and very feminine garments with elements that come directly from the world of sports, a brand new way to get very cool and original looks.
This fashion trend inspired the SPRING 2015 COLLECTION and it is perfectly reproduced both in colors - with sophisticated pastel shades in contrast with black graphic details and hints of silver – and in make-up results, with a matt finish that is in contrast with luminous and metallic effects. 

Four new VELVET MATT VAMP! CREAM EYESHADOW colors and two exclusive GRAPHIC EYESHADOW PALETTES enhance the gaze with pastel hues, for a sophisticates and ultra chic look.
A new VAMP! CREAM EYESHADOW color beautifies the eyelids with luminous and metallic details, and the brand new VAMP! MAXI STYLO LINER Maxi Size Marker completes the eye make-up look with amazing graphic details.
Lips look full, pure as well as luminous and moisturized, with three ultra feminine shades of MISS PUPA COLOR & CARE, while LIKE A DOLL CHEEKS & HAIR is perfect to get a radiant glow and super trendy colored locks.
Four colors of the exclusive nail polish with a GUMMY MATT special effect complete the Sporty Chic look thanks to sophisticated semi-matt details with an original soft touch effect.

You can check out PUPA Milano on their links below:

FTC: Product Provided by PUPA Milano


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