Monday, February 2, 2015

Mary's Gone Crackers - Ginger Snaps Cookies - Organic/Gluten Free/non-GMO/Soy Free/Vegan

Hey My Lovely Readers.
I picked these up on a recent shopping trip.
Check out these Ginger Snaps Cookies by a brand called Mary's Gone Crackers.
They have collections of Cookies, Crackers and Pretzels.
Ok first lets talk about the packaging,
Unique, Stylish AND EYE CATCHING!
It's sure to capture you while your grocery shopping!

Ginger Snaps Cookies were a real treat. I like that they resemble a non-gluten free cookie.
I love their selection of ingredients and what they are free from, it's just like homemade, nothing you cannot pronounce.
Everything healthy from a Gluten Free Flour Blend, Blackstrap Molasses to Pink Himalayan Salt.
Exploding flavor, the ginger and cinnamon are very bold (like to the point it's spicy, I like 3 at a time), it's a somewhat-light and crunchy cookie but dipped in milk is does soften up unlike some gluten free items.

It describes itself as (from
Mary’s Ginger Snap love Cookies use real organic ginger that explodes on your tongue. You’ll find these organic, gluten free, vegan cookies are rich in flavor and, because they are made with unique whole food ingredients and low glycemic sweeteners, they satisfy your sweet tooth and you still feel good after eating them!

Organic non-GMO Vegan Dairy Free Wheat Free Gluten Free Kosher Allergy Friendly Low Glycemic Sweeteners  Contain Chia Seeds No trans-fats No hydrogenated oils Delicious & Satisfying Infused With Love
Manufactured in our own dedicated gluten free, dairy free, nut free facility. Made in the USA.

You can check out Mary's Organic Crackers on their links below:


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