Friday, January 21, 2011

FOOD & SNACKS - Product Reviews - That are COMING SOON are...

Here are the next 5 coming reviews for products that are:
I have a lot more but these are just the next 6...

Purely Decadent, dairy free, and oh, So Delicious! Delicious Vegan Icecream with  many different products & yummy flavors.

All Natural and Organic Frozen Burritos.

Enjoy Life Foods, a leading manufacturer of great-tasting, allergy friendly foods made in a dedicated nut and gluten free facility.

Think Popped, Never fried, never baked, Healthier, delicious, all-natural Clhips.

Passionate about the pomegranate. Healthy Drink.

gardein is a tasty plant-based protein that can be used as a meat-like ingredient in your favorite recipe. Made with veggies, grains, soy, wheat and pea protein

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