Saturday, January 29, 2011

SimiSodaPop - "BIGPost" #1

Hey everyone!
I feel like it's been a little long since my last personal blog,
I wanted to put a new blog up today and here i go...
Well i have many new exciting posts coming up with products of Beauty Products and ALSO food & snacks!
I'm super excited to share with you guys some of my newest favorite things that i'm loving. So look out for lots of exciting posts to bee seen on my blogs soon!
Sorry for not blogging as much as i usually do, i have been busy redecorating my home and such so i have not had a chance to blog as much as i would like.
But in return i have now many things planned for you guys like i have a contest that i will be opening soon!
As soon as i get some more goodies set up for the contest i will let you all know about how to enter to win:
My Valentine Goody Gift Bag 2011
I did a post about it here:
CONTEST/GIVEAWAY Coming Soon - My Valentine Goody Gift Bag 2011
So watch my twitter page too, ill keep you updated on my twitter to know when i post about how you can enter to win that prize!
It will have AMAZING gifts inside, Lovely items like Beauty items & Super cute Stationary products!
I can't wait to give it away for February Valentines Month!

I have been loving some new Kpop & Jpop Songs so ill attach some recent favorites to a new post in the next couple of days.

I wanted to share with you my new BLOG HEADER i made, i just think its SO GORGEOUS!
How do you guys like it?!!
& I wanted to let you know about the NEW NAME of my "Random Blog Posts", that i do, just like the random posts that i do to check up on you guys and keep you updated with my life.
I'm calling them "BIGPost"
I thought of that name while listening to my favorite Kpop Singers BIGBANG & then i thought "HEY! thats a good name to name my random blog posts!"
"Because i always write such long random blog posts and can't seem to write just a little HAHA"
So i think it's the PERFECT name for my random blog posts!
I hope you all like it too!

So tweet me on twitter or email me on my fan email at:
to tell me any reviews or anything you would like to see on my blogs!
I would love to hear what YOU would like to see featured on MsWinterCandy or SimiSodaPop

Here is a link to my other blog:

Hope you enjoy my first official "BIGPost"
& i'll talk to you guys soon! <3
Love ya!

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