Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shopping At the Asian Mall

Hey guys,
This is a simple & easy look to wear while shopping for a long period of time.
If i have to do a big shopping i like to wear a simple outfit & simple beauty products that wont be annoying after awhile.
This is why i chose this look, its lovely for shopping and i love to wear this look for going to the asian malls, because when i go to the asian malls i love to be HOURS & HOURS shopping, there is just too many cute things there to look at.
For my clothing i picked a cute light sweater dress & cute jean shorts and a super hot pair of back shoe boots.
Add a little bit of some lipbalm on your lips so they stay moustrized while shopping.
For my makeup I use a simple foundation & i like very berry colors for my lips put a berry lipstick and top it off with a light berry lipgloss.
For nails i like a berry color too, and for my eyes i chose a simple black mascara & liner & for eyeshadow a light berry mixed with a light pink.
You can choose a couple of cute pieces of jewelry & acceseries.
Then spray a nice evening perfume and away you go.

$35 -
$52 -
$50 -
$11 -

Hope you enjoyed this look and ill talk to you guys soon.

FTC Disclaimer:
All opinions are my own.


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