Sunday, January 16, 2011

GD&TOP perform on “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate”

Big Bang GD & TOP - @ SBS CHOCOLATE (January 16, 2011)
SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” had some very special guests, as GD&TOP delivered an impressive show on January 16th.

The MC opened up the show by reading a line from the novel, “Face Shopper.” This led her to ask the duo, “Are you satisfied with your physical appearances?” GD&TOP hesitated, and the MC tactfully redirected her question to: “How about you each choose one thing you like about each other.
T.O.P immediately responded, “GD’s talents,” while G-Dragon replied, “T.O.P’s deep eyes.
Praising the duo’s handsome looks, netizens re-affirmed the novel’s message and said that GD&TOP don’t need to ’shop for new faces’.
They certainly don’t need to ’shop for new faces’, but we know they’re always look for a new style. Check out GD&TOP’s impressive performances of “Haru Haru,” “Baby Good Night,” “Nightmare,” “Oh Mom,” and “High High“.
Check out below for the videos of:

GD&TOP - Haru Haru (They sound amazing together for this song!)
GD&TOP - Baby Goodnight  (Beautiful performance by the guys!)
GD - Nightmare (GD you sure know how to rock the stage!, i LOVE this song!)
TOP - Oh Mom (Amazing singing & performance TOP) I LOVED IT!
GD&TOP - High High (VERY energetic performance)

< “Nightmare” >

< “Oh Mom” >
< “High High” >

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