Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SOFTLIPS (USA): The Best Of Winter 5Pack

Seasons Greeting Everybody!
Its snowing like crazy where i live so i feel i can still say "Seasons Greeting" ha.
Happy new year to everyone too!
I am so EXCITED over this post!
This is a review on The WICKED BRAND:
SoftLips (USA Line)

I'll be reviewing: The Best of Winter 5 Pack.
The flavors are:
Sugar & Spice
Sugar Plum Berry
Sugar Cookie
Winter Mint

My Pictures of the Products below & find out how you can win a Winter Goody Gift Bag filled with products including your own 5pack of these Softlips The Best of Winter Pack!:

My Review:
I love the 5 pack, its the perfect pack for winter & i have been loving giving them out also as gifts to my friends and family & everyone loves them too!
I love the USA Softlips brand packaging more than the new Canada Softlips packaging!
Its more elegant & pretty!
I love this Best of Winter Line, they are so nice and make my lips so nice & stay moisturized so nicely!
I get compliments all the time!
I tell people who ask what i use to keep my lips beautiful, proudly tell them this Winter line from Softlips!
Thanks Softlips for making such yummy scents!

Each Scent:

Sugar & Spice:
This one has a very light Sugar & Spice scent, i love this one but i wish the scent was a bit stronger!  
It does smell like fresh baking though, which is delicious!
Perfect for the holidays!

Sugar Plum Berry:
This would be my favorite scent!
It has such a amazing addictive yummy fresh berries scent!
I absolutely LOVE this scent!

Sugar Cookie:
It smelled nice but a very light sugar cookie scent, not strong at all, which is nice but i would have liked to smell the sugar cookie scent more than the spf in this one.

Winter Mint:
it has a fresh minty scent & makes you have that "just brushed you teeth feel"!
I love this scent ALOT!
It has a very Winter time smell!

The Mint one and the Winter Mint one are both super nice but i think they pretty much smell the same, but the Winter Mint one is a bit stronger than the Mint one. I prefer the Winter Mint one.

They all have a light spf scent you can smell & taste, which is kind of annoying, but i still love them, the names of all them are adorable.
Something that would be nice is if for next years "The Best of Winter 5 Pack" is if they would add a "Organic option" because i think their organic products moisturize more and smell better.

*Picture from Softlips.com, click it to go to their site.*

Go to their site here, to order the Best of Winter 5 Pack or other Softlips Packs!

I hope they add more scents for 2011 The Best of Winter packs!
I would love to see a Organics 2011 The Best of Winter packs!
That would be so amazing!
I hope you enjoyed this review and as much as  i love wearing this Softlips Winter 5 pack and hope you try this pack too! =)
I have been loving giving these to my family & friends for the holidays for gifts!
I have gotten many people addicted to this line from Softlips (USA)
I cannot wait to try more products from Softlips!

*Images from Softlips.com*

FTC Disclaimer:
Softlips Canada sent me their line of the best of winter 5pack products, a set for review and a set to send to my WINTER GOODY GIFT BAG 2010 Winner,
All opinions are my own.

Lots of love,

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