Friday, March 4, 2011

The Brush Guard - My Review & Contest/Giveaway!

Hey Dolls!
I recently tried a product called "The Brush Guard"
They are like these little flexible breathable covers that slips over your brushes handle and over the bristles to help keep your makeup brushes looking healthy & new!

The Brush Guard allows brushes to dry bristle-down so water can’t damage the ferrule. The brush dries in perfect shape and lasts longer & DOES NOT get damaged!!
I have been hearing alot of talk about this product lately and i just HAD to try them too!
The Brush Guards are very affordable/inexpensive! They keep your brushes dry & help keep the your makeup brushes shape!
When you have good quality makeup brushes and don't want them to get ruined or fall apart in between using them, say if your traveling or on the go.. The brush guards are the perfect way to help your brushes keep their shape & stay looking fabulous!
I really adore using the brush guards on my makeup brushes!
I have been telling my friends about this product and they are going to purchase some Brush Guards too!
Yay! More fans for you! :)
Im going to buy some more of these wonders of a brush cover!
& I recommend you try them too!! :)
They have 5 different packages of Brush Guards to choose from & I tried the Variety Pack & LOVED it!
The Variety Pack includes these items for:  $5.50 (the price is the same with all packs)

  • 1 Shadow/Liner (ex. small)
  • 2 Blush (small)
  • 2 Foundation (medium)
  • 1 Powder/Kabuki (large)

FTC Disclaimer:
I was sent 2 of the Brush Guard Variety Packs.. 
One to do a possible review  
and the 2nd for a possible giveaway for a contest,  
All opinions are my own.  


The Giveaway: One of my readers will win the
 "Brush Guard -Variety Set"

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