Sunday, March 27, 2011

LOVE to JAPAN... Shop for Japan

After the terrible tragedy struck Japan, many have been feeling overwhelmed with the magnitude of the recent events wondering how they can help those in need in Japan. Thanks to the many of amazing brands that have put out products for people to buy and then the proceeds get donated to Japan to help there. We have been given the ability to make a dramatic impact during this devastating time by contributing to relief efforts in Japan through shopping.
After looking through many wonderful items on the Internet, here are my top 5 favorite charitable buys for Japan…
You can also click here to donate directly to the Red Cross.

1.    Charity Teeshirt designed by Ayumi Hamasaki and ViVi, $28
2.    Lady Gaga’s “We Pray for Japan” Wristband , $5
3.    Rebecca Minkoff’s Japan Relief Collection , prices vary for different styles of purses
4.    Corter Leather Wristband , $20 
5.    Earthquake Relief Sakura Button , 2.45 Euro

If you are going to shop, shop for a cause. And, please keep Japan and all those affected in your hearts and prayers. We together can make a difference & help Japan at this horrible event.

Pictures from the Brands mentioned above belong to those brands.
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