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KORRES - My REVIEW - Guava Lipstick/Compact Powder/Bronzing Powder

Yia Sas!
Thats hello in greek!
How are you all doing this morning?!!
Or Evening depending on where in the world you are!!
Well today's review is going to be super lovely!
I welcome you all & hope you enjoy this post/review on this gorgeous brand.
I would like to introduce you to the brand "KORRES"
The Founders of this company are George & Lena Korres.
They are from Athens Greece! Which makes the company Greek!
 They make over 200 products for hair, body and face care, with highly concentrated natural active ingredients &
that are skin compatible and environmentally friendly. From beautiful packaging (who wouldn't want their products in your makeup room?) to safe and effective products that smell and feel as amazing as they look, Korres brings the best of nature blended with science to the beauty world.
In 1996 the couple officially launched Korres Natural Products and began selling their skin-friendly products from behind the counter at their Athens pharmacy.
Now They have gotten extremely popular and known across the world for their gorgeous beauty products!
I'm so happy to share this brand and my love for them to you all,
Korres is easily becoming my favorite Beauty/Makeup brand.

Here are some pictures of the products i tried:

Products in the package.. the front
Products in the package.. the back
Products out of the package
Products opened up!
Products opened up... the tops of the items!

My thoughts on Korres:
- Korres Guava Lipstick (In Color WINE RED) -
I ADORE this Guava Lipstick.
Like all Korres products, i adore their packaging, its SO gorgeous, easily said that its the nicest packing for a makeup brand, that i have seen!
I got the shade WINE RED and its a gorgeous burgundy wine color.
I love it!
I normally don't wear really dark intense colors like this "WINE RED" for a everyday basis, but this shade is the perfect shade for parties and events, it shows up SO beautifully in photo's!
& I have been loving wearing it as a new favorite for everyday!
This Guava lipstick is a long lasting lipstick due to the Castor Seed Oil & Natural Waxes..
Its really nice and creamy & really moisturizing due to the Shea Butter & Aloe Extract!
I love the texture, it's not like regular lipsticks, its a really nice formula & i love the feel of it.
It has antioxidant & anti aging benefits, due to the nice natural ingredients of Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E.
The Guava Provides vitamin C and antioxidant protection that guards against free-radical damage.
I cannot believe how many wonderful things this little lipstick has!
Its truly the perfect lipstick for all women!
I love the scent. Its not strong at all, its a very light fresh natural scent.
It's dermatologically tested & FREE OF Mineral Oil, Silicone, Propylene Glycol, & 
This Guava Lipstick comes in 8 different shades and i cannot wait to try more shades!
I love the selection of colors, & the size of the lipstick.
I want to fill my makeup collection with all Korres Lipsticks!
I really want to try this shade next:
Mauve (vibrant berry), It looks super cute!
Overall I definitely recommend this Guava Lipstick in color WINE RED to all women, that are currently looking for a new favorite!

- Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder (In Color WRP6 Honey Beige) -

Im in LOVE with this Wild Rose Compact Powder!  
It doesn't clog your pores and it gives GREAT Natural looking coverage!
Not heavy at all.
Its very beautiful on your skin.
It leaves you looking gorgeous with a nice flawless & soft finish.

It's dermatologically tested & FREE OF Parabens,, Silicone, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, & 

It comes in 8 shades to fit many different skin tones.
I have tried many different powders and have not found the right one till i found this one.
What makes this different from the others that i have tried, is it agrees well with my skin and leaves a very natural beautiful look, which i love.
& It doesn't dry out your skin. & I love that they have great natural ingredients.
If you are looking for a new favorite Compact Powder, you HAVE GOT TO try this one.
Its really a nice powder!

- Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder (In Color 02 Sunglow Warm - Golden Tan) -
The Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder is lovely!
Again same with the Compact Powder, i love it because it works so well with my skin.
It leaves a very natural glow look goes on very smooth & light, which is beautiful!
Not too much color or shimmer, And moisturizes well.
The Monoi Oil, it's a non-comedogenic Tahitian tropical oil, that provides a light hydration and a sunkissed glow.
Again it's It's dermatologically tested & FREE OF Mineral Oil, Silicone, Propylene Glycol, & 
Ethanol amine.
If your looking for a Bronzing Powder with great ingredients & you want a natural not heavy look.
Then this is the Bronzing powder for you!


I cannot get enough of this brand!
Im loving all the 3 products that i have tried and im so excited to try more of what KORRES has to offer.
I know that many of their products will definitely become favorites!
They have so many different types of products for all types of people.
Products for Hair, Makeup, Body & more!
I love that they have natural ingredients and products that actually live up to what they say they offer.
Their products are fairly priced, for what they offer.
Its nice to find a AMAZING brand like KORRES!
Watch out for more reviews from me about this brand's product's! YAY!

Check Out The KORRES Brand online at their links:

FTC Disclaimer:
Products Prpvided by KORRES.


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