Friday, March 11, 2011

Pray for Japan, Sending my love every second to you...

As you may just of heard, a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan leaving behind a trail of destruction and devastation. They could really use our help right now. An easy way to give to Japan is by donating to the Red Cross. You can either go to or simply text ‘Red Cross” to 90999. If you decide to text in, $10 will be automatically charged to your phone bill as a donation. Otherwise, Global Giving is a great donation option as well. Nevertheless, even if you cannot contribute financially, please keep Japan in your prayers.

My thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to all those effected by these horrible events.
& I pray every second, that nothing more happens to this beautiful Japan.
*Update on March 13th 2011*
I have just heard that in 3 days a total of 1 million dollars have been donated to the Red Cross for Japan.
Please keep on donating to help all those affected in Japan,
every dollar counts, and encourage all your friends and family to donate too!
Together we can all make a difference and help JAPAN! <3

I LOVE you Japan <333

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