Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ariana Grande Changes The Cover Art For "Yours Truly" Album

Hey Dolls!
Now Ariana Grande's debut album makes a cover art change.
"Yours Truly" was before Ariana wearing a frilly pink teddy and matching thigh-high stockings as she sits atop a smattering of pink roses.
Now after receiving poor response on the cover art the star swiftly unveiled a new cover, which sees her stood under a spotlight in a black and white image.
I'm liking this cover a lot more, I think it captures her music and style perfect.

Ariana Tweets:
"Alright I'm done messing with you all although I have to admit it was pretty fun. Those other photos are all part of the album packaging. :)"
"But I see you begging to see the real album artwork & I'm supposed to wait til tomorrow but I can't wait any longer! Will post it in 30 min"
"Official album artwork :)"

Be sure to check out "Yours Truly" on iTunes as it's available for preorder this week & released September 3rd.


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