Friday, December 19, 2014

Chantecaille - Tiare - Fragrance

Good morning Lovelies.
Here is a Fragrance by brand Chantecaille, called Tiare.
You can purchase it in a Spray on or Roll On.
First the packaging, I just adore, it sits beautifully on my vanity!
The scent is a Feminine, Topical, Elegant, Soft, Subtile and Delicious.
A soothing fragrance of calm seas, balmy breezes, lush foliage.
Contains notes of tiare, jasmine, ylang-ylang, red rose, musk.
Good for either day or night.
Long wearing, not a overpowering scent, but it wears so well and nice.
A fragrance to try on your next beauty shopping trip!

It describes itself as (from
Distinctively fragrant and devoid of all toxicity, they are known as both the “flower of love” and the “flower of beauty.” This loving, energizing scent evokes the tropics in all its soothing bliss: calm seas, balmy breezes, lush foliage.

Subtly sweet, gentle and delicious
A type of gardenia indigenous to Tahiti, with an exquisite and distinctive scent
Its exotic aroma conjures up the calm seas, island spices, and the lush foliage of a tropical paradise
It is subtly sweet, and sensuous, with notes of cyclamen, lily of the valley, Italian bergamot, jasmine, ylang ylang, red rose, orchid, musk, heliotrope and vanilla

The scent: 
For a woman who adores white-flower fragrances, Tiare introduces a very different, almost wild and magical floral experience. Since the Tiare flower has grown for centuries along the Coral Reef, you can always find it along the ocean's edge. That mix of understated sweetness with the salt air, wind, a touch of dry, warm, sun-bleached wood, greenness, and a slight powdery Mimosa finish, gives Tiare an alluring depth and complexity that can almost seduce. In fact for some men, it can. "From the women who've tried Tiare, it can attract men like flies," Chantecaille says. "There's this phrase 'the most loving energy,' ...that is Tiare." 

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