Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So Delicious - Coconut Milk Holiday Beverages (Mint Chocolate, Nog & Pumpkin Spice)

Happy Holidays Readers!
These are the Beverages I have been waiting to try out!!
So happy they have finally come to Canada this year.
It's the Holiday Beverages from So Delicious.
They have three flavors Mint Chocolate, Nog & Pumpkin Spice all are SO DELICIOUS! LIKE INCREDIBLE!
I tried them all cold and even heated! Turned out great both ways! :)
The Mint Chocolate is a lovely creamy coconut milk with a dreamy sensation of Mint Chocolate, I really liked this one because I'm a big lover of Mint Chocolate! (It does have a little after taste of the Stevia Extract but I do still love it!
The Nog was smooth and flavored so well with a nice nutmeg spice! Egg nog lovers and Vegans will love this one!
Lastly but not least is my TOP FAVORITE one the Pumpkin Spice, I'm such a fan of pumpkin pie and this one was like pumpkin pie as a beverage, it was PERFECT! Spiced so right, smooth and very addictive.

I'm stocking up on all three releases before the Holidays are over, and you should all try them too!
Isn't the packaging even so nice, colorful bold and festive!
These are the perfect trio of Holiday Beverages for Vegans/Vegetarians and all! Serve at your next Holiday party and for your Family, Friends and Guests!

So be sure to check out their website below to check out their products:


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