Saturday, September 15, 2012

Books With Simi (Review) - "250 Best Beans Lentils & Tofu Recipes" By Judith Finlayson

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Welcome to Books With Simi.. today's review will be on the book that is set to release on November. 2012.
250 Best Beans Lentils & Tofu Recipes By  Judith Finlayson.
Best selling author and editor compiled this new release.
320 pages in the book.
Good for vegetarians as it features great selections of Beans, Lentils & Tofu recipes, which are some of the three main foods vegetarians eat on a daily basis.
Once you look this book over, you will be very surprised at all the different ways to create dishes with these three main ingredients Beans, Lentils & Tofu..
A few favorite recipes of mine are "Corn and Three-Bean Salad", "Southwestern Bean and Barley Salad with Roasted Peppers", and "Caribbean Chickpea Curry with Potatoes".
I give this book my SimiSodaPop Stamp Of Approval!

So be sure to check out this book at your local bookstore or online below at..

Book Provided By Robert Rose.


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