Sunday, April 8, 2012

4minute Releases Brand New Album "3rd MINI ALBUM: VOLUME UP" Today (Review)

Hey Dolls!
FINALLY Kpop's 4minute have released their newest album titled "VOLUME UP" today.
Be sure to check it out at your local music store, also should be on iTunes soon..
I'M LITTERALY O.BS.E.S.S.E.D with this album, as with all 4minute's music it's always SUPER addicting and so fun to dance to.. with this album they have taken a MORE SEXIER FRESH & FUN vibe to it, and I LOVE it.. A LOT!! The beats, the lyrics and the style is just so incredible.. and fits their voices so perfectly! I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM AND already picturing music videos/dance corepgraphy for each song. My favorites in order are "Volume Up", "Get On The Floor", "Say My Name" (REALLY BECOMING MY FAVORITE SONG OFF THE ALBUM!), "Black Cat", "Femme Fatale" & "Dream Racer".
The girls do a lovely job of keeping distinct sound.. while featuring sexy/sassy-ness in this new music genre for them.. Listen to the mini-album below and tell us what you think.
So listen to the songs below and see how CATCHY AND Spring FUN this album is.. and pick up a copy of "VOLUME UP" asap!
I have been BLASTING the new release all morning!!

Source & Photo: Youtube


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