Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grape Shake Sorbet - A Beauty & Fashion Look! By Simi

Grape Shake Sorbet

Hey Everyone!
A fashion post today!
This look is inspired by the newest collection available starting.. TODAY at H&M.
Titled "Conscious Collection".
I'm OBSESSED with these pieces from the new collection..
Especially the Blazers with Pleated sides! OMGAABC! ADORABLE & fresh fun!
So I created this look featuring the Dusty Grey Blazer.. & Some Pinks and Purple colors!
I call this look "Grape Shake Sorbet" fun right?!! :)
The jewelry is pink, purple, sliver & gold..
You can choose whatever makeup style you prefer. But add a little soft pink lipgloss!
For nails I used the shade "A Grape Fit" from O.P.I.
The fragrance/perfume well you can choose from these 3 different ones, they all fit the look.. "Escada Island Kiss (MY FAVORITE!)", "Coach Poppy", & "Coach Summer".
For the hairstyle you can style it in a high stylish ponytail.. it would look lovely!
Hope you like it!


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