Thursday, April 12, 2012

Selena Gomez's Self Titled Perfume To Be Released In May

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Have you seen yet at your local Sephora those lips? I spotted the little top of the bottle decoration at my Sephora store and loved it!
They are showcasing the upcoming Selena Gomez self titled perfume to be released next month!
Nearly a year after it's official announcement, now fans can almost get their hands on a bottle of the new fragrance!
I love the very original bottle design.. and adore the colors, lavender and gold bottle adorned with flirty lips spewing from the top. On the lips decoration on top? Selena says.. "I wanted it to be absolutely kissable," Selena told Teen Vogue. "I have three favorite smells in the world: raspberry, vanilla, and freesia. Vanilla just makes me feel cozy and yummy. Raspberry is fun without being too sweet. I love how feminine freesia is. It was important to me that anyone who smelled it found it enticing." I'm looking forward to trying out and purchasing a bottle when it releases!
I love love love Justin Bieber's fragrance "Someday" so.. I'm excited for her release too..

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