Monday, April 4, 2011

4minute releases “4MINUTES LEFT” album + unleashes “Mirror Mirror” MV

Last week, Kpop Beauties 4minute dropped their “Heart to Heart” EP, and many were surprised by the light and flirty character of the song. I thought the style would be much different & stronger.
Now, the girls deliver their powerful charisma & super sexy dancing & look, with their ’shadow title track’ titled “Mirror, Mirror” from their first official album, “4MINUTES LEFT“, which was just released in Korea.
In conjunction with the release of the album, the MV for “Mirror, Mirror” was also released. The girls show off their usual power super sexy charisma and strong choreography in the MV. Check it out below and some of the select tracks from the album below, also remember to support by purchasing the music.

Mirror Mirror


나쁘게 (Badly)

Im personally ADDICTED right now, to their song "Mirror Mirror"!
The music video is super hot! :)
The girls look extra gorgeous!
Im loving their whole new first full length album & i can easily say the new album is FLAWLESS!
Every song is so amazing and with a nice mixture of a great variety of types of songs!
All the lyrics to the songs are super addicting!
I love love love it!
I call it "THE "FUN, SWEET & SEXY Album!"
Its on repeat ever since its been released! <333
Been singing the songs all day long! =)
Here is the track listing & a little review about each song!:
01. 4Minutes Left - 1:17 (The intro, i LOVE it! wish it was longer, they should make it full length!)
02. 거울아 거울아 - 3:35 (Mirror Mirror!! OMG this song is the ULTIMATE dance party track! :))
03. Heart to Heart - 3:49 (A light & flirty song with a great music video! VERY ADDICTING!)
04. Sweet Suga Honey! - 3:25 (This song is super FUN, SWEET & SEXY & i love to dance to & I adore the lyrics!)
05. 모르는 척 - 3:52 (Their singing in this song is super extra beautiful! very gorgeous song!)
06. You Know - 3:54 (Gonna Be Gonna Be stuck in my head.. Wanna Be Wanna Be singing this all day... HAHA it's like the chorus to this song! VERY CATCHY sweet love song!)
07. Already Gone - 3:32 (A great sweet & funky beat with Hyuna's SUPER HOT rapping! IN LOVE!)
08. First - 3:30 (An Electric Sweet Long song! Very adorable!)
09. Hide and Seek - 3:25 (A very fun spunky song!)
10. 나쁘게 - 3:32 (A nice slower song, very beautiful singing by the girls.. I adore this song!)

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