Friday, April 15, 2011

Enjoy Life Foods! Products Review Round #1 "Soft Baked Cookies"!

This is a company called "Enjoy Life Foods" and they make all kinds of goodies for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, & Bakery products.
Enjoy Life Foods, a leading manufacturer of great-tasting, allergy friendly foods made in a dedicated nut and gluten free facility.

Over the past few months i have been seeing this brands items pop up everywhere! & I had to try some products from them!
Their products are "allergy friendly: free of the 10 most common allergens." Which is very nice!
I bought a couple of boxes of cookies from them awhile back and then i recently received some of their new products in the mail for me to review.
The products i will be talking about today are the "Soft Baked Cookies"
These are the flavors I tried and my opinions on them:
All of the 3 Soft Baked Cookies flavors i tried were moist & very tasty & soft!

The flavor "Double Chocolate" was my brother's favorite!
He ate them all up! & LOVED them! These taste like homemade brownies!
Very delicious! & very addictive! Perfect taste!

The flavor "Snickerdoodle" was extra yummy.. they tasted like my grandma's homemade cookies! I love these ones very much!
The Flavor "No Oats Oatmeal Cookies" were really tasty!
I expected bland & dry but they surprised me & they were amazing! 
Nicely spiced, & for a small cookie it had such a good cookie taste! These were a favorite of mine & all my family!
Overall my family & I really enjoyed these cookies & we hope to try more products from Enjoy Life Foods Soon!
So be on the lookout on my website to see more reviews from this brand!
Its easily become a favorite brand in my house!
If you are looking for a new favorite cookie be sure to visit their website and find the perfect flavor for you! & To find a store near you that sells these delicious soft baked cookies... go to  their website and check it out! :)
Its a SimiSodaPop Favorite! <3

& P.s. I recently was watching one of my all time favorite shows called "Unwrapped" & I saw Enjoy Life Foods featured on it!
Watch it below! :)

Check Out Enjoy Life Foods online at their links:

FTC Disclaimer:
I was sent  all 3 mentioned items from Enjoy Life Foods a possible review, 
 All opinions are my own.


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