Tuesday, April 12, 2011

POM Drinks - Product Review Round #1 (POM Drinks!)

Hey You all!
This is a review on a brand called "Pom Wonderful"
A little bit about the company:
POM Wonderful is a global brand committed to innovation and wellness. They grow and market pomegranates and pomegranate-based products that are healthy, honest and essential to the well-being of humankind.
I recently got to try a few flavors of their POM Wonderful 100% Pure Juice's
I tried:
POM Wonderful 100% Pure Pomegranate Juice (A very crisp pomegranate taste & very refreshing!)
Pomegranate Blueberry 100% Juice (A light yummy blueberry taste with pomegranate!)
POM Mango (My family & I would all agree that MANGO is their best one! It's not strong or doesn't have a funny after taste, like some of the other brands of Mango drinks i have tried! This one by POM.. its perfect! A very refreshing mango & pom taste & really quenches your thirst! A MUST HAVE DRINK! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! :)
POM Cherry (Cherry & Pom tasted nice but i would prefer the Mango over the Cherry! :)
Pom Kiwi (MMM yummy a very nice & perfect blend of Kiwi & Pom! I really liked this one too!)

More of my thoughts:
While drinking these POM drinks, I noticed they are VERY refreshing & really tasty!
What i love about POM drinks also is that they have such good fresh & pure ingredients, and they are NOT loaded with anything bad & don't have added sugars, preservatives or colors. So they are good for some of my family members that are suitable diabetics.
Thank you POM for making drinks that are suitable for people that can't drink loaded sugared drinks! :)
I LOVED the packing & overall design of POM Drinks, I find that they are perfect for what the drink tastes like.
The packing & cap colors are very fresh & friendly & thats just what the drinks are very fresh & friendly to drink! Very DELICIOUS Drinks POM Wonderful makes & I'm so happy to have found the Mango flavor especially!! Its my new favorite drink my my whole family! :)
Thanks POM I LOVE your drinks & can't wait & I'm actively looking in my local stores for more flavors & products from you guys!

Keep your eyes out for more reviews on my site featuring goodies from POM, I can't wait to try more from them soon. :)

You can Check out POM WONDERFUL at their links below:

FTC Disclaimer:
I was sent  some coupons from POM Wonderful to use.. for a possible review, 
All opinions are my own.


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