Monday, April 4, 2011

My Life: A Quick Tip Sleep On Satin

Hey Gorgeous People!
Today I have a little tip for you about The satin (or silk) pillowcase. This beauty trick has been around for a long time, & It may feel a bit fancy at first as satin pillowcases are usually more expensive, but satin pillowcases do wonders for your hair and skin (and who doesn’t like to feel like a queen & have a pretty bed?). 
Unlike cotton cases, satin doesn’t absorb moisture so hair and skin are left hydrated. Another plus of a satin/silk pillow case is that the smooth silky texture of a will satin pillowcase reduce the likelihood of hair breakage and matting. Some say, that sleeping on a satin pillowcase will even reduce the possibility of wrinkles!

So switch your cotton cases for easy & good beauty trick and dream big on a silky pillow!

Reduces wrinkles & Keeps your skin beautiful & doesn't break your hair.. Satin or Silk pillowcases are amazing!
& They also look more prettier on your bed! :)

FTC Disclaimer: 
All Opinions are my own.


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