Monday, April 4, 2011


Hi Guys!
Im so excited to share my love of this brand called
"POP Chips" with you all!
I recently came across this brand and i have ever since fallen in love with their POP Chips!
They are the most delicious yummy healthy snack that im loving at the moment.
I have got to try all the flavors except one the "Parmesan Garlic" i have yet to try.
But it sounds super yummy and i can't wait to try that one!
Well here is some info on POP Chips:
Pop Chips are not baked & not fried, they just add a little heat & pressure and POP thats what makes it!
They have healthy good ingredients and they are NOT filled with bad oils or weird ingredients that you can't understand.
Yay! It's hard to find chips that are healthy AND taste good!
But now i have found my perfect match! :)
Facts about POP Chips:
* No Fake Colors
*No Fake Flavors
* No Preservatives
* No Trans Fat
* No Saturated Fat
* Yes to GOOD Safflower/Sunflower Oil
* No Soy
* Yes Vegetarian 
* Yes VEGAN on Flavors "Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, & Salt & Pepper.
*Non GMO
* NO MSG or other flavor enhancers

The have 7 wonderful flavors to choose from.
So you can find your favorite flavor for each member of your family.
My favorites are the "Original" & "Cheddar"
I have gotten my whole family loving these & i have recently served them at one of my parties that i host and EVERYONE was talking NON STOP about POP Chips!
I have made many new PopChip Fans!
They really do make the sound "POP" when you snack on them!
I love putting them in my soups, they just taste so DELICIOUS!
They are not greasy like other chips.
They are a very light snack and simply melt in your mouth when you eat them!
I really have been addicted to these lately!
& to celebrate my love for them!
Im giving away ONE 12 Pack to a reader from my site!
On details on how to enter please keep reading below! <3

The Giveaway: One of my readers will win the
 "12 Pack of Pop Chips Variety Pack!"
Main Entry: Enter at the form at the bottom/end of this post, or if its not working for you, then you can click this link:

How many times can i enter?
Fill out the form with your details and follow POP CHIPS on their twitter and/or Facebook page! :)
POP Chips links to follow:

Who can enter? - Open to US/Canada & International Residents!
Extra & Bonus Entries:
  • Tweet this Contest/Giveaway using this tweet of a tweet similar to it, always linking back to my blog & twitter page! (so i can see you tweeted it!)
Example Tweet:
@SimiSodaPop is having a Contest/Giveaway 

The Contest/Giveaway will end on:

- April 22nd 2011 -

Check Out PopChips online at their links:

FTC Disclaimer:
I was sent the Complementary Care Package of POP Chips to do a possible review  
and the 12 Pack Package of POP Chips for a possible giveaway for a contest,   
All opinions are my own.  


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