Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kiss My Face - Products Review Round #1!

Hey Everyone!
How are you doing?!
This is a brand called "Kiss My Face"
& i would like to share with you all my recent experiences with their products!
I tried:
Fragrance Free Olive & Aloe Ultra Moisturizer For Extra Sensitive Skin
Its a really nice moisturizer!
It's the perfect blend of olive & aloe, smells heavenly & i love it also because it contains no animal ingredients, no parabens, or artificial colors, and its not tested on animals!
You can use this on your face, body & hands.
I love it under my makeup, it doesn't leave a ugly super shiny effect like some moisturizers do. It really soaks in your skin and does its job well!
Kiss My Face S.O.S Dazzling Duo - Ruby
I really am loving Kiss My Face lip products!
Both the lipgloss & lip tint in this little mini pack are wonderful for me!
I love the color "Ruby" it looks lovely!
& its really moisturizing & doesn't dry out your lips like other lip glosses & lip tints do.
They are Made from great ingredients, & are 91% organic.
They make a beautiful natural mineral color while soothing and moisturizing with organic shea butter and jojoba oil.
These contain no artificial flavors or colors and was not tested on animals.
Just Peachy 100% Natural Lip Balm 93% Organic
& The 
Pina Colada 100% Natural Lip Balm 93% Organic
The "Just Peachy" is Very Summery fresh peachy scent, very lovely, i can't stop smelling it! :)
& the "Pina Colada" scent is absolutely amazing! 
A very bright pina colada scent! (In love with it!)
Both of these lip balms the "Just Peachy & Pina Colada" were very pleasant scents & they moisturize your lips very much/ Leaves lips super smooth & not sticky & they dont dry out your lips. I really love these lips balms & i hope to try more scents soon!
P.s. when you wear Kiss My Face Lip Balm's your friends will be asking 
"mmm Whats that lovely scent your wearing today?"
& you can reply "Just KISS MY FACE" :)
Kiss My Face Grassy Mint Peace Candle
This candle scent is called "Grassy Mint" and i would describe it as it smells like your toothpaste.. now its not the best scent i would like for a candle, it was okay, but i would love to try another scent from Kiss My Face Candles..and give them a 2nd chance. 
They have a total of 4 candles so i plan to try the other 3 very soon!
I like very fresh & fruity & baking scents for candles so this was a change to what i usually purchase & look for in a candle.
I love the packing of the candle it has a super cute peace logo & the different scents all have different colors on the outside design!!
So cute!
Here is a little bit about the Kiss My Face Candles:
  • Hand-poured soy wax scented with essential oils
  • Cleaner and cooler burning
  • Unbleached cotton wick
  • 38-hour burn time
  • Box and glass are both 100% recycled
  • No lead wick, petroleum paraffin or carbon soot
  • 10% of all profits from this product support Seeds of Peace
I hope you all enjoyed reading my review about Kiss My Face products!
& be on the look out for more reviews by me featuring this companies products...
Very soon i hope!
I would love to try more from them as soon as i can! :)

Check out Kiss My Face online at their links:

FTC Disclaimer:
I was sent all mentioned items from Kiss My Face for a possible review, 
All opinions are my own.


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