Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Bang unleashes special edition "Mini Album Vol.4" "BigBang Special Edition"

This week has been dominated by the numerous teasers Kpop group Big Bang rolled out for their special edition mini-album, and it’s only a small tidbit of the success the boys will achieve in the following weeks.
It has been very exciting counting down the days till the rerelease!
Big Bang has just unveiled their full Special Edition mini-album along with the title track, “Love Song“. As the teasers promised, it’s a beautiful song and its heartbreaking quality is reflected in the music.
Check out the EP below, and be sure to support the artists by purchasing their album here. Whenever, the MV for Love Song is released, I'll be sure to make a post about it!.
Take a listen to their 3 new songs on the new rereleased album.
The rereleased album included 10 songs in total and a PHOTOBOOK!
& Might i add that the new rerelease is absouletly GORGEOUS & SUPER COOL!
I love the BRIGHT LIME GREEN! MY FAVORITE COLOR! ON MY Favorite artists NEW album!
I love it!!

01. Love Song (a lovely soft melody with beautiful vocals from the guys!)

02. Stupid Liar (A wicked beat with Gd's flawless rapping as usual! LOVE This song!)

***Tracks #3 – #9 can be found in the original EP.***

10. Baby Don’t Cry (Daesung Solo) (Wow Daesung your voice is gorgeous! I truly love this song! The beat with his lovely voice is just so beautiful & amazing!) <3 :)

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