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Back To School: 10 Tips From Simi For A Stylish Cute Organized Locker

Hey Cupcakes!
I know it's back to school time for lots of you and I have been getting some requests for a post on "10 Tips From Simi For A Stylish Cute Locker". So I put together this post for you guys and though really hard about my tips for you, so I hope it helps you enjoy your lockers more.
I think I got my first locker in grade 6, I was so excited because it totally meant that "you were the big kids! haha!" So I always loved decorating it and even helped my best friends out organizing and decorating theirs!
Some schools you get really small mini lockers and some you get full length lockers, I got full length for some grades and then smaller ones for the bigger grades.
Which that know thinking back, did NOT make sense, as to we have MORE items to carry around and store in out lockers the bigger the grade we are right? :)
Ok so here are some tips from me!

1.  A Locker Mirror: 
is probably one of if not the TOP item to have in your locker. It really saves you precious time in between classes because you wont have to go to the crowded bathrooms just to take a look at your self in the mirror. You can find really cheap ones at the dollar store or you can find more extravagant ones at like Walmart & Zellers.  My very first one and the one I used most was a cute medium sized beautiful purple colored one that had a sparkly puffy trim around. It was so PRETTY. I still have it!

2.  Sticky Notes:
OMG DOUBLE ABC. I cannot even express how much I adore sticky notes, I have always been one to collect all the different colors and styles of them and my friends always would be coming to me for my cute sticky notes. :) You can find SO MANY different ones all over different stores, but the best sticky-ness would be the "Post-it" brand" they also have some good ones by Paul Frank" so super adorable. Sticky notes are great to write down quick things like assignment due dates and friends phone numbers!

3. Locker Shelf:
I liked to have a locker shelf, because a few of the lockers I had didn't have good shelving so it's important to keep your gym bag and lunch and books separate so they don't get mashed together.
You don't want your lunch in your gym bag do you? LOL.

4. Locker Magnet's:
You can get some really cute and fun ones, they are fun to then put your pictures of your friends & family up in your locker. I loved the magnets that looked like push pin's but were magnetic.

5. Disposable Hooks:
These are great to hang up your backpack, lunch bag, keychain, your purse.

6. Beauty Bag:
I always liked to keep a little beauty bag in my locker, with some 10 main things that I needed like "LipBalm, LipStick, LipGloss, & Nail File, Hand Cream, Eyeliner, Mascara, A little sample size of my newest fragrance that I'm loving, Hair Ties, & Tooth Floss."

7. A Extra Pencil Case:
I liked to always keep a little pencil case in my locker that had all extra supplies like more pens, pencils, glue, pencil crayons, & a calculator, just incase my other one stopped working for any reason.

8.  Battery Powered Touch On Light:
I LOVE these little lights you can by from your local dollar store, or dollar plus store, they are really handy for lockers, as lockers are sometimes dark and hard to find your things in.
They are about as big as your hand size and you just tap the front and they light up with battery powered, they come in lots of different shapes and styles. I loved the "Heart" ones and the "Star & Circle" ones. You can just hang it up with a magnet or a locker hanger. Or simply lay it on the bottom of your locker. :)

9. Locker String Lights:
I adored these as I didn't like to put up any stickers on the lockers because it ruins the lockers.
I loved making my locker more me by hanging up one little string of lights in my favorite colors, green and pink and they are really fun to look at, and it makes your locker inside more easy to fin things. They run on batteries so thats perfect!

10. Locker Class Schedule/Calendar:
I cannot stress how much everyone NEEDS to put a calendar in their lockers.
Just hang up a mini one with some magnets and it will really help you remind your self of your important dates and such. Everyone's MUST NEED item! :)

Bonus Tip:
* I also liked to keep my locker really clean and wipe it down every couple of weeks.

NOW that was a-lot of really good tips, all provided to you all from me ;) Simi.
I really hope you enjoyed this post, as I had a BLAST typing it up all for you.
Have a AMAZING SCHOOL year and I wish you all the best!

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