Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Love It Fashion: Fall Fashion Outfit By Simi

Hey Dolls!
It's officially fall time and I just love it this time of the year, and thought it would be fun to do a post for you guys called "I Love It Fashion: Fall Fashion Outfit By Simi".
Where I'm from, as soon as it becomes "Fall Time" its just already like "Winter Time", as it's really cold already!
So I'll show you some of my favorite fall finds from some amazing places & it will all add up to make a perfect fall outfit filled with beautiful accessories! 
I'll be using the color shades "Raspberry, Oatmeal/Cream's & Grey's & Animal Print Accent's".

This adorable stylish coat comes in 13 different colors.
It's a very fashionable fit and is so cute and sexy for fall.
I love it in the color "Grey Animal".

The Flirty Cardi Sweater $49.50 - $69.50
This OH! SO AMAZING! "Cardi Sweater" comes in 12 different colors and my favorite color is "Raspberry Wine". i just think its such a romantic color, and a color you don't find that often on your clothing, and plus you know me & Raspberry themed items! = LOVE! :)

This bag from Guess is so SEXY! & BEAUTIFUL! & SO VERY perfect for fall/winter time.
It really makes this outfit have that added "Fall/Winter" flavor.
I adore the bag in shade "Stone".

A lovely clutch to match the purse!
I'm LOVING this design from Guess in shade "Stone"!!

I love Fall/Winter time mainly because of all the warm cozy accessories that you get to dress up your outfits with!
These from "UGG Australia" are so fun for the cold weather!
In the shade "Sangria" they are the perfect match to fit along with the outfit pieces above.

So soft & stylish!
A great way to keep your fingers warm & cozy!

A beautiful way to keep warm.
I love this set of cozy items from "UGG Australia".

I think these are so cute, they complete the accessories to keep your warm and make you look extra cute!

WOW! This necklace is so adorable and the colors fit PERFECTLY with my outfit for fall!
I bought a bunch of these, because they make such CUTE present's for friends & family!

I'm in love with Animal themed design's and rings and such,
So when I saw this ring, I knew I just had to have it!
It's so pretty!!

I think this look's so expensive but It's really affordable!
A very pretty bracelet!

These are a really romantic touch for this outfit!
I love the color and style of them.

Ok Well that COMPLETES my "Fall Fashion Outfit By Simi" post, I hope you all enjoyed it!
I had a fun time buying these items and piecing them together to make a beautiful-sexy fall outfit.
I will have some more outfit's like this soon, so be on the look out for it!! :)

FTC Disclaimer: 
All Opinions are my own.
I purchased all items above with my own money.


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