Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Love For... Coffee

Hey Guys!
If you know me well, you know that I'm not really a "Coffee" person but more of a "Hot Chocolate" person. I'm addicted to hot chocolate all year round. Doesn't matter what season or what time of day, I need my cup of hot chocolate!
Well my brother has always been more of a "Coffee" & "Tea" person, so I have recently thought if he loves it so much, I must be missing out on something good, so I tried some coffee items, and I have really been liking it!
It way different than my hot chocolate, as coffee is stronger, but I like these "NESCAFÉ
Specialty Coffee Mixes" in flavor "Cappuccino Skinny". I leave it to sit till it's room temperature and it takes the stronger taste away, and makes me enjoy it more.
I love that it's not a overpowering taste like regular coffee, but a fun coffee drink.
They come in 7 different flavors, so far I have only tried a couple of them and the "Cappuccino Skinny" is my favorite so far, and it has coconut oil!! I love coconut ingredients in my food & snacks. :)
I love a cup of it to start my day or while I'm watching a movie or my favorite tv show.
But I still love my hot chocolate a little more!.. ;)
It's fun though to trade off and pick either hot chocolate or coffee each day, & I'm excited to try more flavors soon of the "NESCAFÉ Specialty Coffee Mixes".
So if your looking for a light start for a coffee drink to like, I suggest checking out the kind I'm loving!
It's delicious!

FTC Disclaimer:
All Opinions are my own.


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