Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dare Bear Paws Cereal & Fruit - Soft Fruit-Filled Cookies Raspberry (Review)

Hey Everyone!
So recently I was browsing the grocery store for some new snacks and yummy finds.
I came across these NEW Dare Bear Paws "Cereal & Fruit". They are "Soft Fruit-Filled Cookies" and you can find them in 3 different flavors, today's review will be on the "Raspberry" flavor.
They are a newer product. I think they have only been around from a few months now.
I absolutely adore anything raspberry flavored, so I jumped in happiness when I saw these!!
I may be almost 20, but I love a younger kid snack. :)

My Review:
This box comes with 8 wrapped cereal & fruit bars.
I took one bite of these and became addicted, they taste so yummy, like fresh raspberries and healthy soft whole grains, they are peanut free so they are perfect for school snacks.
I love them as a little treat to eat while I'm shopping or watching my favorite tv show/movie. :)
They are SO SUPER SOFT, they like melt & crumble in your mouth.
I adore how they taste so very freshly baked ,
and they don't taste like their processed till they have no taste left.
They don't seem like a "cookie" but more like a "Soft Fruit Bar".

I love that they are made with Real Fruit, delicious Whole Grains, they also have a source of Iron & contain No artificial flavors & have NO EGGS!!!
They are a healthier snack than your regular "Cereal & Fruit Snack".
I'm going to go back to the store and pick up a few more boxes, because they are so delicious. I'll also pick up a few boxes of the other 2 flavors to try, "Apple" & "Strawberry".

Find them: 
At your local grocery store, they are mostly everywhere. I got mine from Walmart.

Around $2.00 - $3.75 for a package of these addictive cookies.

I Give this product:
9.5 Out of 10

The Reason for the score:
I love these cookies, they are so super soft and they taste so freshly baked!.. but I would LOVE to see MORE flavors, they only have 3 flavors released so far, so more flavors would be so nice to see!
Perhaps some idea's for "Dare". I would love to see 4 new flavors like this:
* Acai Berry
* Pomegranate Tangerine
* Coconut
* Carrot

P.S. I have spotted some other Dare items at the store & picked them up to review soon,
so keep your eyes out for that! :)

FTC Disclaimer:
I purchased all products listed in this post with my my own money,
All opinions are my own.


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