Friday, September 30, 2011

In Theatre Today: Breakaway (Speedy Singhs)

Hey Guys!
In theatre worldwide today this new movie titled "Breakaway" also known as (Speedy Singhs) releases.
It was released in India On the 23rd of September and the India version has the whole movie dubbed in Hindi. It is set in "suburban Toronto, the film tracks a young man struggling between traditional Indo-Canadian family expectations and his dreams of hockey stardom."
This movie stars many incredible actors and actresses  such as..
Vinay Virmani, Camilla Belle, Anupam Kher, Russell Peters & some cameo appearances from Akshay Kumar, Drake, & Ludacris. This movie will be sure to make a good opening week at the box office, as I have been seeing posters of this movie EVERYWHERE & the trailer for the movie on tv constantly and it has some catchy tunes and features the gorgeous my favorite Camilla Belle.
I loved her in "When a stranger calls" and I think she's a amazing actress.
I also think she looks so beautiful dressed in Punjab clothing. A very stunning beautiful girl!
It will sure to be funny too because of the amazing Russell Peters. :)
So be sure to go hit up the movies tonight and go see this movie, as I know i will be watching in the next few days! :)
It looks like a really cute and good story line movie, and hey! I LOVE HOCKEY!!
Here is the trailer and a couple of addictive song's from the movie below!



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