Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty Pop: Natural Beauty Foods In Your Kitchen

Hey Lovelies!
Happy Thursday..
Ever wonder the foods in your kitchen what you could you them for beauty wise?
Use them in their natural raw form and here I list 5 foods that can be used for beauty!
Check it out..

* Avocado: Is a excellent moisturizer, avocado is great as a face mask, mashed up and put on your hair, leaves your feeling hydrated.
* Oatmeal: Oatmeal is fast acting to soothe your skin also has major anti-inflammatory properties. You can drop it in the bath, make a oatmeal face mask, or even use it as a gentle scrub (works great just make sure it's plain oatmeal not flavored!!).
* Sugar: This ingredient makes a sweet natural exfoliant. Combine some sugar with a little olive, almond, or apricot oil for a great lip and body scrub (I love home-made scrubs!).
* Papaya: I love Papaya's! The papain in this fruit makes one of the best enzyme masks around. Makes to perfectly decongest your skin fast.
* Olive Oil: This kitchen favorite makes a great use in beauty too as it's perfect for hydrating your hair and smooth dry spots on your skin.


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