Monday, February 13, 2012

Health Minute: 3 Unhealthy Valentine's Day Treats

Hey Dolls!
Love sweets around Valentines Day right? ;)
Well here are 3 treats that you should really limit yourself to only eating a very small amount of.
First up is.. A Box Of Chocolate, While dark chocolate offers many health benefits and may be the ideal, guilt-free V-Day goodie, the key to keeping it "healthy" is to not over indulge in these yummy chocolates. Try to just eat a couple small pieces and don't go eating the whole box! thats a no no!! Many box chocolates also include other types like.. milk chocolate, white chocolate and flavored and hugh sugared based like strawberry and caramel flavored, try to go for the dark chocolate only boxes. :)
Fact: Just four pieces of chocolate from Godiva Chocolatier has 210 calories, 12 g of fat (7 g saturated), 50 mg sodium and 20 g of sugar. That's around the same fat & calories as a small salted fries from Burger King.
Next is.. Conversation hearts, be very careful not to overload on these hugh sugared treats. I like to only eat a couple, any more than that and they are too sugary for me! Fact: One serving (approx. 10 pieces) has 60 calories, 14 g carbohydrates and 13 g of sugar..
And my favorite Valentines Day Treat.. Cinnamon Hearts, these yummy tasty firey treats are a very tiny candy that holds a strong load of sugar.. One serving size (approx. 20 pieces) has 60 calories, 14 g carbohydrates and 11 g sugar.

Hope these little facts on my Health Minute post: "3 Unhealthy Valentine's Day Treats" helped you out to know a little bit more about your favorite V-Day goodies!


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