Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Preview/Teaser Released For Upcoming Japanese Film "Helter Skelter"

Hey Everyone.
A new upcoming film from Japan titled "Helter Skelter", looks like a good life-like story.
From production Asmik Ace they recently released the first preview/teaser and you can check it out below.
This movie is taken from the adaption of Okazaki Kyoko’s manga. It will be starring Sawajiri Erika and directed by Ninagawa Mika.
Helter Skelter" is about.. Top star Ririko undergoes multiple cosmetic surgies to her entire body. She's looked upon as an icon for beauty. As the toll of her multiple surgies begins to take its toll, Ririko makes the lives of those around her miserable as she tries to deal with career and personal problems.
The preview/teaser shows us a quick peek into the movie with moments of both beautiful & intense, into the world of the show business, filled with greed for beauty, fame, money, and love.

Be sure to check out "Helter Skelter" as it's scheduled to open in Japan on July 14th.
You can check out the preview/teaser below..

Source & Photo: AsianWiki


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