Thursday, February 2, 2012

Health Minute: Which Type Of "Milk" Is Your Favorite?

Hey Lovelies.
How is your morning going so far?
I just had a nice bowl of cereal and organic milk.
I thought like making a post about the different types of milk there are to choose from and which ones is my favorite.
* Organic Partly Skimmed Cow's Milk - I love this one in my cereals and hot chocolate. I rarely drink regular milk, it's always got to be organic for me. I love choosing organic products. The one with the most Vitamin D.
* Coconut Milk - MY 2ND FAVORITE.. It's so yummy in smoothies and cereal also. Coconut milk contains a high proportion of medium triglycerides, a type of fat that is metabolism boosting.
The downside: Coconut milk typically contains a high amount of saturated fat, although there is great debate over if this type of plant saturated fat is bad or good, but experts advise you limit intake if you are at risk of heart disease. I believe that they truly fall into the "Good" fats.
Rice, Almond and Hemp milk..
I prefer these ones just to enjoy a glass by themselves.
You can find these easily all over your local grocery stores . Rice is made from brown rice.. Hemp from hemp seed. Also fun fact.. nut and seed milks can easily be made at home in a good blender. These varieties are fairly low in fat, and especially saturated fat. I find Almond milk to be my favorite from the three it's very similar to cow’s milk. My friends say that Rice milk is similar to soy milk (I can't drink soy), and Hemp milk has a very creamy, nutty taste. Also when purchasing these three types of milk (Almond, Rice & Hemp) be sure to go for the unsweetened versions, when you look at the labels you will find that the sweetened flavored ones are sometimes very high in sugar.

Ok so now you have a little idea on my five types of favorite types of Milk and be sure to check them out at your local grocery store..  Study the nutrition label before purchasing them and look for ones with simple and good ingredients.


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