Saturday, June 9, 2012

f(x) Releases New EP Album "Electric Shock" Today (Review)

So Today is the online release day of f(x)'s new EP titled "Electric Shock".
Their Music Video for "Electric Shock" should be out in a couple of days..
This EP from the ladies is very original, doesn't sound like other girl groups.. which is nice.
A bunch of Electro and different sounds can be heard in this album.
A much more mature f(x). Looking forward to their next single from this EP.
It contains 6 tracks:
* Electric Shock
* Jet
* Zig Zag
* Beautiful Stranger
* Love Hate
* Let’s Try

My favorites are "Electric Shock", "Jet", & "Beautiful Stranger". I also really like the softer track "Let's Try" love it's very catchy lyrics.
Be sure to check out the physical album release on June 13th.

Check out some previews of the EP below..



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