Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nestlé - Sundae - Rolo (Ice Cream/Frozen Treat)

I normally don't go for the type of Ice Cream/Frozen Treats that aren't made from Coconut Milk or Almond Milk.. but I made a exception for this new collection from Nestlé!
Also it has Coconut Oil, which made me attracted to it!
I've been seeing the commercial for these non stop so here is some info on it..
New snacking cups from SUNDAE!
Mix ’n match all your favourites - Triple Chocolate Drama, Shocking Strawberry Shortcake, Cool Caramel & Pecan and Rolo. Now available in SMARTIES and OREO.
I picked up the Rolo one just to see if I was going to like it, I was craving a Sundae & it definitely helped with what I was wanting for the night!
SO tasty, the Rolo pieces on top were delicious.. although I wish there were more than just the 6 on top. The carmel is heavenly and I'm looking forward to trying more from the collection, perfect size for a afternoon treat or nighttime treat. :)
Isn't it super cute!

Be sure to keep your eyes out for more reviews of the new Nestlé Sundae Collection!


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