Monday, June 11, 2012

Spring/Summer Essentials: LORAC Natural Performance Foundation

I like trying different Foundations all the time, because they all work so differently and I'm currently searching for a new foundation to love.
I spotted this awhile shopping at Sephora, by a brand called LORAC and liked the sound of it and picked up their "Natural Performance Foundation". Though the shade I got might be a little too dark for me, I used just a little and wanted to see how it worked with my skin.
* Oil-Free
* Paraben-Free
* Fragrance-Free

I found it to dry very quickly while I was still trying to blend it into my face, (which I kind of didn't like) it didn't have a scent, once applied it looked GREAT on and lasted the whole day from early morning till late night.. and didn't look cakey or anything! But when It came time to removing it, I found it to be a bit difficulty to take off, had to use a really good strong cleanser, water, & my Clarisonic Mia.
I mostly use Foundations that have a bottle with a twist top opening, and this one is a pump, I prefer what I'm used to.
I liked it lasting all day & looking gorgeous but the removing part was a bit sad & drying to quick was not so great.
I'm still going to search for a new foundation but until then, I like the look this one achieves even with the difficult removing.

Check out their site at:


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