Friday, June 29, 2012

My Favorites: The Album Of The Moment

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to share with you the album of the moment..
Been playing this album lots..
It's Shakira's 2009 release "She Wolf".
A bright and sexy album filled with tracks to keep you dancing and happy throughout the day.
Some of my top favorite songs are "She Wolf", "Did It Again", "Long Time", "Why Wait", "Good Stuff" & "Give It Up To Me FT Lil Wayne".

Here is the track-list:
1. "She Wolf"
2. "Did It Again"
3. "Long Time"
4. "Why Wait"
5. "Good Stuff"
6. "Men in This Town"
7. "Gypsy"
8. "Spy" (featuring Wyclef Jean)
9. "Mon amour"
10. "Lo hecho está hecho" (bonus track)
11. "Años luz" (bonus track)
12. "Loba"

Be sure to check out this album if you haven't heard it yet.
Here is the link on iTunes:


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