Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jelly Belly - BEAN BOOZLED - Jelly Beans DARE TO COMPARE

For Fun, I recently picked up a Jelly Belly product called "BEAN BOOZLED" Jelly Beans DARE TO COMPARE. It's a weird and crazy collection that contains wild jelly bean names.. I thought this would be a fun game night.. it comes with a wheel and you spin it and whichever it lands on.. you eat it!
The funny thing is you don't know what flavor you could be eating!!! 

BeanBoozled™ Jelly Beans

Are you ready to be BeanBoozled™?

Jelly Belly's wildest collection dares you to compare some of our tastiest, most popular flavours with our craziest ones. But here's the catch - you won't know which ones are which! 

The black Plum bean looks exactly like the Black Pepper bean! Sweet, luscious Caramel Corn might also be Moldy Cheese. You may think you're tasting our world-famous Buttered Popcorn bean, but what you'll be biting into could actually be Rotten Egg. The only way to find out what beans you're getting is to eat them!

The Jelly Belly BeanBoozled™ collection currently contains 8 colors of beans, and 16 flavours (8 "real" ones and 8...well...different ones). You can make a fun, and somewhat hair-raising, game out of it by giving your friends beans of the same color and seeing which flavours they get. But don't be a chicken - you have to participate too. Just try not to get BeanBoozled™! 

The first one I tried was supposed to be Coconut/Baby Wipes and boy did it taste like baby wipes hahahahaha, ended up to be my favorite, also the Buttered Popcorn is really good and buttery.. & the peach is amazing!
The Jelly Beans are just so photogenic!
Perfect for fun with your friends this new Jelly Belly collection is a great product!


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