Monday, June 4, 2012

Health Minute: My Pre-Workout & Main Breakfast Meals

Hey Everyone!
Good Morning..
Got some requests for a post on "My Pre-Workout & Main Breakfast Meals".
So here is what I do! I always fit a little quick meal into my morning before working out. I find it's best to eat a little rather than working out on a empty stomach. I like to choose a Greek Yogurt & a Banana & for a drink a bottle of Pure Coconut Water & Guava (a excellent source of Vitamin A & C also a a little magnesium. I love one with bio-active natural minerals and electrolytes!
I know a lot of people actually believe that it’s better to work out on an empty stomach, because then your body starts to use up your stored food and stored fat, but I can’t do that, I need a little fuel in my system before as I then feel more bright & awake and ready for the day!
Also other great morning meals are a piece of a healthy choice toast and peanut butter or cashew butter even some jam are really great, lighter options that you can have to eat before you workout. With a small meal before your workout it provides you with enough energy to get through your workout, but still ready for your main breakfast afterwards.
For my main breakfast, I like a bowl of Shredded Wheat/or/Oatmeal & A handful of Almonds with a Smoothie & a little fruit like one of these Apple, Mango, Peach, Grapefruit, Papaya, or Watermelon.

Hope you enjoy reading & let me know if you would like a post on My Lunch, Dinner, or Snack Ideas? :)


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